Why Weight Loss is Hard for Men over 40

Why Weight Loss is Hard for Men over 40

Losing weight is not an easy journey for anyone.

It’s a process that requires sheer grit. As you grow older, it becomes even harder.

How many men have developed ‘dad bods’ in their 40s even though they were perfectly fit in their 20s?

Men have become culprits to weight gain that comes with age and this has proven difficult to get rid of. So what could be making weight loss hard for men over 40?

1. Slow metabolism rate

Naturally, our body’s metabolism becomes slower as we age. As a matter of fact, your metabolic rate reduces by 5% every decade after you turn 40.

The natural course of aging means that once you hit 40, you need to eat 100 calories less every day.

The changes in metabolism are brought about by three factors;

a. Genetics:

Genetics cannot be tampered with. some people have genetics that make them more predisposed to gain weight in their 40s while others have favorable genetics that influence just how much weight they can gain

b. Thyroid function:

The thyroid is important in maintain homeostasis. As its function begins to be affected, the metabolic rate is also affected causing weight loss to be a difficult process

c. Muscle mass:

Men in their 40s tend to adapt a sedentary lifestyle. This means that they rarely move about or use their muscles.

What you don’t use you eventually lose and when you get to your 40s, you don’t just lose your muscle mass.

Your muscles actually melt to fat. This means that the less muscle mass you have, the more weight you gain.

2. Complicated life

At 40, life becomes more complicated.

Age and life always seem to conspire against your weight. Your life becomes more entangled with children, work and the overall idea of aging.

As a result, you find that you don’t have adequate time to be physically active or even pay attention to what you are eating so you turn to mindless eating.

The constant up and downs of life numb you about the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The excuse is actually quite understandable “you simply don’t have time”. However, you must realize that what you are putting off is actually what is most important.

3. Decreasing testosterone

Testosterone is the growth hormone in men.

It is responsible for the development of various body structures in men such as gain in muscle mass.

Naturally, testosterone levels begin to reduce once a man gets to his late thirties and forties. As a result, they have a low bone density and muscle mass. This is accompanied by a decrease in the metabolic rate which means that the body begins to store fat.

Most of this fat is usually stored in the belly area

Weight loss for men over 40 is undoubtedly not easy. It just doesn’t require taking testosterone supplements or going for testosterone replacement therapy.

There is much more to be done. Fortunately, it is only difficult but not impossible. Weight loss will involve changing your lifestyle to accommodate a much healthier lifestyle.

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