Why Losing Weight is Important for Men over 40

Why Losing Weight is Important for Men Over 40

Losing weight is important for everybody and not just men over 40.

There are restrictions that come with weight gain especially a gain that spills out to become obesity. Some health complications are attributed to weight gain. As you grow older, losing weight becomes more essential because aging tends to make your body vulnerable to disease.

The following are the reasons why it is important for men over 40 to lose weight:

1. Health benefits

Weight has a significant impact on someone’s health. Men who are obese or overweight tend to have more health problems than those who have the right body weight. For the former, losing weight would really make a difference in their health. Losing weight:

• Improves heart health

In your 40s, your heart becomes vulnerable to conditions such as cholesterol of high blood pressures especially if you are overweight or obese.

Your heart in the center of your life. If it is in good health, then you improve your chances of longer life. Otherwise, you will be living in constant worry of when your heart will give in.

• Reduces the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a common lifestyle disease especially for men over 40. Losing weight helps to minimize the risks of getting diabetes.

• Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis

Men who have weight problems tend to have a problem with their knees and joints. Others even have arthritis which can result from being overweight or obese since the extra weight exerts undue pressure on the joints. Weight loss reduces the risks of arthritis.

• Improves cholesterol levels

Weight loss helps to reduce the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body which can lead to heart disease

• Decreases the risk of certain cancers

Men over 40 can reduce their risk of getting some cancers like prostate cancer by losing weight.

• Improved blood sugar levels

Men in their 40s tend to have spikes in blood sugar levels which can cause decreased insulin sensitivity and eventually lead to diabetes. Losing weight can help improve the level of blood sugar in the body.

• Improved mobility

Mobility usually becomes an issue when you are overweight or obese. This even prevents you from working out properly failure to which complicates your health. Losing weight helps you to become more mobile.

The impact of weight loss on your health should be enough motivation for you to start your journey of losing weight.

2. Lifestyle benefits

Besides impacting your health, losing weight has other benefits on your lifestyle like:

• Improved energy levels

Losing weight keeps lethargy at bay and boosts your energy levels

• Improved libido

Men over 40 are prone to suffer from low libido mainly because of decreasing testosterone levels. One of the causes of low testosterone levels is weight gain. Losing weight can help improve testosterone levels and your libido

• Better sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for your health

• Improved self-confidence
• Improved mood

Weight loss results in all-round benefits. Every aspect of your life will be positively impacted. This is why it is important for men over 40 to lose weight.

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