3 Weight Loss Mistakes for Men Over 40

3 Weight Loss Mistakes for Men Over 40

Weight loss mistakes are not made by only men over 40.

Every person at one time or another has made a weight loss mistake. Nevertheless, making mistakes in your 40s becomes costly because as you grow older, it becomes more difficult for your body to shed off the excess weight. Here are some of the mistakes that you have probably been making and you need to stop.

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1. Failure to plan meals or skipping them altogether

As you grow older, the temptation to skip meals in order to lose weight becomes very pronounced. While you might think that skipping meals is helping you to slim down, it is actually not. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down.

This encourages the body to store fat with the bulk of it being stored in your midsection.

In your 40s, your metabolism begins to slow down naturally so you need to keep it active by eating meals. This doesn’t mean eating every few hours, but it does mean paying attention to how many calories you’re taking in on a day to day basis.

On the contrary, you cannot lose weight if you are not taking enough proteins. Proteins are so important for your body and play different roles. They help to build muscle, repair damaged cells and most importantly for weight loss, they keep you feeling satiated for longer so that you don’t overeat.

2. Ignoring stress

When we hit our 40s, we begin to become more aware of unachieved dreams and unmet expectations. We are often in a rush to meet our career targets and eventually make money.

As a result, we become busier and accept stress as a normal part of life. But stress is very bad for you if you want to lose weight. Stress actually promotes weight gain because it increases the level of the hormone cortisol in your body.

that your body has reduced the production of testosterone so you have low metabolism and your body is prone to store body fat. This coupled with high cortisol levels will just cause you to be overweight. As much as you take care of your diet and your workout routine, make sure that you minimize your stress levels.

3. Failing to get enough sleep

You may be working out all you can and eating all the healthiest foods but if you’re depriving your body of enough sleep, you will notice that you are gaining weight instead of losing.

Lack of sleep puts you at risk of not just serious health complications but also weight gain and obesity. It is while you are asleep that the body repairs damaged tissues.

These are just some of the mistakes that men over 40 are more likely to make when it comes to weight loss. If you can avoid them, then you are on your way to weight loss.

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