Tips to Burn Fat Fast

Tips to Burn Fat Fast

Men over 40 overcomplicate the fat burning process far too much, we have low carb, low fat, keto and Atkins to name a few.

But the problem with these fat loss “diets” is none of them work over the long term, that’s because they simply aren’t sustainable and encourage binge eating further down the line.

Fat loss nutrition must be sustainable

When it comes to fat loss nutrition it needs to be sustainable over the long term, so before you start a fat loss diet plan, ask yourself if this is something you can sustain for the long term?

If the answer is NO, avoid it at all costs!

There are much more enjoyable and sustainable ways of leaning down without resorting to severe calorie restriction, going low in carbs or fats and feeling neglected.

As men over 40, the worst way of leaning down is going too low on much needed carbs and fats, you need ALL the important macronutrients to function at your best.

The bottom line is you’ll need to eat a slight calorie deficit that keeps you feeling full whilst eating a nice balance of protein, carbs and fats.

Lift weights

The key to losing fat and getting that lean appearance is through strength training and nutrition. If you nailed those two things, I guarantee you would reach your fitness goals.

Granted, adding in some cardio training can help speed up the fat burning process, but you don’t NEED it to lean down.

The key is to use compound movements, multiple sets of lower reps and pay attention to recovery.

Once over 40 years old we simply can’t recover from hard weight training sessions like we used to, that means volume, frequency and workout days need to be taken into consideration.

In my courses I recommend lifting weights 3 times per week and let me tell you it works perfectly for men over 40.

By lifting weights on non-consecutive days i.e. Mon-Wed-Fri you’ll maximize strength, recovery and save time whilst achieving your fitness goals.

You won’t need to train anymore than 1 hour per session and you’ll lean down very nicely if you hit your nutrition as well.

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Gone are the days of eating 5-6 small meals per day, it’s the total number of calories you eat over the course of the day that really counts, NOT how many meals you eat.

Trust me, get your strength training workouts and nutrition in order and you’ll lose fat and build just enough lean muscle so that you look great, this formula works big time.

The beauty of this way of training is you can have a life!

Your entire existence won’t be dedicated to fitness like a lot of fitness guys do, I’ve seen so many guys start living the bodybuilding lifestyle whilst neglecting family and destroying their bodies in the process.

When it comes to fitness you should be dedicated but not obsessed, that means hitting the super safe joint friendly compound exercises each week and striving to beat last weeks workouts and eating a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan.

Eat more calories

Eat MORE calories?

Yes, the problem when you’ve been eating too few calories is your body gets used to it and periodically increasing calories and bringing leptin levels back up again will benefit your fat loss results over the long term.

After a period of periodically increasing your calories to maintenance and then resuming to a deficit you’ll accelerate fat loss.

Give it a try! If you’ve been “dieting” for any length of time, I urge you to INCREASE your calories and give your body a break.

When you’re always stressing about how many calories you’re eating and constantly trying to lose weight, it can put a brake on fat loss, but once you relax a bit more and simply do what’s needed without stress and overwhelm, you’ll accelerate your progress.

Fat loss is a slow process

Forget those diets that promise losing 10 pounds per week, they’re designed to separate you from your hard-earned money, accept that the FASTEST way to fat loss is to lose fat gradually.

That means losing fat at 1-1½ lbs per week. Doesn’t sound much? Well, those little bits soon add up to huge progress, it’s taken you a long time to get out of shape and it’s going to take you some time to get back into shape again.

But once you get back into shape with what I teach, it will be a permanent change and if done right you’ll do it in a sustainable manner.

Include some walking

Walking? Once you’ve nailed your nutrition and strength training I would like you to include some walking at the weekends or between strength training sessions.

The great thing about walking is it burns extra calories, is enjoyable and won’t make you extremely hungry like other forms of cardio will.

It’s a myth that you need to do crazy amounts of cardio to lean down, especially if you’ve got your strength training and nutrition workouts correct.

My clients have lost plenty of fat and built lean muscle without the crazy cardio approach, you can do this too.

Build an awesome looking body

The natural, pleasing physique at around 9-12 % bodyfat looks far more awesome for men over 40 than the huge, bodybuilder look and is perfectly attainable without resorting to obsessive behaviour or using supplements.

If you’d like to learn how to lean down effortlessly by strength training 3 x per week and hitting your nutrition in a way that keeps you feeling full whilst still enjoying life I’d highly recommend checking out my Abs Over 40 Course.

It’s a complete course that covers everything you need to know about training and nutrition specially designed for men over 40 and all my clients are loving it.

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