4 Six Pack Foods for Men Over 40

4 Six Pack Foods for Men Over 40

Did you know that you can sweat it out in a gym but fail to get that six pack you so admire? This is because though your exercise is important, your diet is even more important.

You have probably heard it before that abs are built in the kitchen. The foods that need to be in your six pack diet include:

1. Eggs

Eggs should be your best friends if you want to get that six pack and not just the six pack but for fitness in general. Eggs are packed with proteins and the nutrient choline which boost your metabolism.

According to research, eating eggs for breakfast helps you to lose weight and get those abs. you can up your protein intake by snacking on hard boiled eggs for an afternoon snack.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt contains calcium and proteins. According to research, these two nutrients help eliminate fat especially in the belly area.

Yogurt can really help you lose weight but you also need to be aware of the added sugar. So as an alternative, you should stick to unsweetened Greek yogurt.

3. Lean meat

The leaner the meat, the better it is for you. Meat contains protein that makes you stay full for longer and this keeps you from overfeeding in the subsequent meals.

Protein is great for post-meal calorie burn which is awesome for your six-pack quest. For your lean meat options, go for lean turkey, chicken and salmon. I cover the amount of meat you should be eating in my popular course, Ripped Abs Over 40.

4. Nuts

Nuts contain protein and fiber which are key ingredients for a six pack. The almonds, cashews and pistachios are rich in omega-3 fatty acids for protein and fiber.

They also contain fewer calories than other nuts. Almonds are even richer in calcium than other nuts and if don’t know by now, calcium is a really necessary mineral for your waistline.

The food you eat plays a very big role in the attainment of a six pack. As much as you ensure to go to the gym regularly, give more weight to what you eat.

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