Over 40 HIIT Workout

You’ll get some great benefits from this blog post by getting some motivation from me as I get a little leaner for my up-coming LA trip in 9 weeks.

The purpose of the trip is to network with other fitness entrepreneurs, gain insight, talk about what’s working well for them and pass on anything new or valuable to you.

After all, I know this fitness brand Lean Over 40 For Men will become one of the biggest and most authentic influencers for men over 40.

Because it’s built with integrity. There’s no convincing needed, if you want a lean body, practice what I preach.

I know this because men just like you are already thanking me for helping them cut through all the nonsense.

They feel like fitness is now part of their lives and they’ve scrapped the “crazy” workouts that keep them in the gym too many days per week leading to overtraining.

For the next 9 weeks I want to hit my goal bodyfat percentage of 8%. As mentioned I maintain a 6-pack year-round and never let myself get out of condition.

Whenever I hit a ceiling of 12% body fat I’ll switch focus, dial back the calories and add in ONE or two extra cardio sessions on top of the 3 strength training sessions per week.

This allows me to keep my body fat percentage in check and gives me the “room” in winter to gain a bit of fat whilst keeping myself lean and healthy.

So, to burn extra fat, I’m incorporating ONE HIIT style workout per week.

The body is amazingly adaptable, that you’re out of condition today, doesn’t mean you can’t vastly improve your fitness over the next 6 months.

I have faith in you. With a mindset shift, you will succeed.

Think about it, the next 6 months is going to pass anyway, but if you tried you could really start to see huge improvements in your life.

That doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself in the gym to get lean either.

If you’ve been following my website for any length of time you’ll know that I take a completely different approach to fitness than most “gurus” out there.

I cut through all the garbage and simplify things so that they become very effective. I won’t baffle you with science, if it’s a lean and strong body you want, you don’t need to become scientific about it.

That said, you can’t just do “anything” and hope for the best. You still need to understand what you’re doing and then break it down so that you have a great workout program that’s going to get you results.

Those components are strength training, nutrition and cardio training. Get those things correct, balanced and be smart about it and you’re going to see huge changes in your body.

Now when it comes to cardio, I’d rather you had strength training and nutrition in place BEFORE doing any cardio sessions.

That’s because lifting weights is crucial to getting a lean physique. As you drop weight, if you’re not lifting weights, you’ll drop muscle too.

That’s what you need to avoid, especially as men over 40 with a diminishing hormonal system. Our job is to build and preserve lean muscle tissue for as long as possible.

The good news is muscle can be built at ANY age. Its proven muscle can be built in your sixties and seventies, you just must go about it the right way.

If you’re getting weaker as you’re getting older, that’s NOT a good sign.

Start strength training to build lean muscle and preserve your strength, without it you’re going to find getting lean very difficult indeed.

I’m not talking about being huge like a body builder, think of Hugh Jackman in wolverine, he made huge improvements to his physique in his forties, you can too.

Broad shoulders, tight waist, defined chest and arms.

The best you can look for you age. It’s attainable. This is achieved by doing multiple sets of lower reps, NOT doing endless exercises and getting burnt out.

Many men scrap the idea of getting abs as they get older, don’t be one of them. Think of your forties as a chance to not just lose fat but reveal your abs in the process.

It’s not just the visual impact that will make you happy, the health benefits are huge, especially as we’re surrounded by an obesity epidemic, causing a lot of disease including cancer.

I got into the best shape of my life with a full six pack at age 41, you can too.

You just need to take a different approach, don’t lift weights more than 3 times per week and don’t destroy your testosterone levels with too many cardio sessions.

By lifting 3 times per week on non-consecutive days you’ll never over train the central nervous system. Every time you lift you place stress on the muscles, joints, ligaments and central nervous system.

The CNS takes longer than the muscular system to recharge and recovery decreases as we get older.

That’s why as natural men over 40 it becomes very important. It’s also why lifting weights 4-6 times isn’t beneficial.

You can’t lift weights more than 3 times per week, if you’re really focusing on the compound exercises that give you maximum bang for your buck.

As a natural, this becomes even more apparent.

HIIT training

I’m incorporating HIIT training only ONCE per week. If I do more does that mean better results? Not necessarily, but more can quickly burn you out, especially if you’re working and going about your busy life in general.

You might get away with training more if you’re able to hang around on muscle beach all day, but for busy men over 40, real world training is needed.

That’s why my course, Abs Over 40 focuses on key compound movements performed 3 x per week and ONE cardio-strength session per week.

More than that isn’t needed, it’s a very powerful program, my clients report losing stones of fat and feeling extremely healthy in the process.

My way of training

I think once you’ve trained the way I teach and start getting results you want, you’ll never look back, you’ll be hooked.

It’s the truth of the fitness industry without the scams and it works.

You won’t have to take supplements, do endless sets and hours of cardio ever again. You’ll even get to throw out that whey protein every man and his dog has been telling you to take.

Do you really think you need it anyway?

Claim back your life, get your strength training and nutrition in order and simplify your cardio training for an amazing physique.

Have faith that you can not only lose fat but reveal those abs along the way. It’s a great feeling, especially if you’re planning a vacation or need to be in shape for an event.

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