Lean Lunch Ideas

Lean Lunch Ideas

If you’re trying to get lean, getting your lunch right is very important as it’s something we eat every day of our lives.

The great thing about lunch is there’s so many healthy options you can take to work with you in Tupperware.

When it comes to lunch think in terms of getting all the important macronutrients into one meal i.e. protein, carbohydrates and fat.

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Keep a healthy balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats – all are important for fat loss and energy production.

One of my favourite lean lunch ideas is simply Pasta and Tuna.

Whole grain pasta is a healthy carbohydrate and doesn’t take long to boil and tuna is very convenient, I use tinned tuna – nothing fancy.

Toss in an avocado or extra virgin olive oil for healthy fats, plus some salad items and you’re set.


75-100g of whole grain pasta
1 tin of tuna
½ avocado or tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
4-5 baby tomatoes
4 slices cucumber
(salad items of choice)


Simply boil the pasta and toss in the other ingredients. Mix round and store in a Tupperware container.

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