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Get My Free Guide, 40 Laws Of Lean For Men Over 40

How to Get a Six Pack for Men Over 40

Many men have believed that the only way to get abs is to do sit-ups.

While this results in abs, it usually results in back pain which beats the whole point of getting the abs if you have to deal with back pain.

Today, there is a better way to get abs. it is no longer about isolated ab training but about core training and exercises that focus on all the ab and lower-back muscles collaborate to stabilize the spine.

Core training is especially important for people over 40 due to vulnerability to injuries.

So, how can men over 40 get a six pack?

1. Build on big and strong abs

To get a six pack, you must get bigger and stronger abs. This can be achieved without having to spend hours in the gym or hammering your mid-section with every exercise.

There are some typical exercises that are effective for abs include crunches, pikes, planks, leg raises, squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, bench presses and weighted chin ups.

The last five exercises are especially great for building bigger and stronger muscles. Over the course of your workout, you must increase your weight and focus on making your whole body strong.

You can also include some cardio to your routine.

2. Lose body fat

Did you know that you can have big and strong abs but which are covered in a thick layer of fat? It doesn’t make sense, right?

Once you have muscle mass, it is time to shed body fat.

This is where the fat-blasting workouts come in. however, that does not mean exercises are sufficient enough to get your body to lose fat.

When it comes to losing body fat, diet is most important. These are three things that you need to be concerned about with your diet:

  • You should have a target daily calorie and protein intake
  • You should have at least 0.75 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day.
  • Your calories should also be in line with the rate at which you want to lose fat
  • Get your calories from minimally-processed whole foods
  • Your calories should be obtained from whole foods that are either unprocessed or minimally processed. If you can, you can stick to eating only single-ingredient foods. These work really well.
  • Frequency and timings of meals is up to you

You don’t have to take meals at a specific time. As long as you hit your daily calorie target and protein intake, then the timing and frequency of meals does not matter.

The most important ingredient of getting a six pack is desire. If you are looking for cheats, hacks and shortcuts then you’ll probably not going to get your six pack. It is very possible to get a six pack after 40. You only need to remember two things:

  • Get strong with an effective training program
  • Strip off the fat

Strength can be built in the gym. Abs are built in the kitchen. Getting abs after 40 is all-rounded. It’s not just exercising but also having a healthy diet.

If you would like to take you knowledge further, make sure you get hold of my free guide, 40 Laws of Lean for Men Over 40.

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