Getting in Shape is Easy – I’m not kidding

Getting in shape is easy I’m not kidding

At Lean Over 40 for Men it’s my job to give you the best and easiest training method to get in shape fast and when it comes to fitness there’s an awful lot of complication and confusion out there.

In my course, Abs Over 40 I make a point that strength training 3 times per week using the best compound movements is what is going to get you in shape.

My students have looked at the program and thought to themselves, “this is far too simple” there’s no way that’s going to work.

For all you video learners out there…

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But the truth is if you stick to it over the long term it will work. Not only will you lose fat, but you’ll build lean muscle, increase strength and not have to follow crazy diets or chug down an army of supplements.

In fact, one of my Abs Over 40 students, Jim Nixon lost a whopping 4 stones of fat following the course, so have countless others.

He was doing the 3 strength training sessions and ONE cardio-strength session as outlined in the course, so it works.

And despite popular fitness myths you don’t have to be doing any of following to get a lean body:

  • Lifting weights or training more than 3 x per week
  • Doing obsessive amounts of long cardio
  • Eating skewed diets
  • Sacrificing your social life and never having a drink with your friends
  • Staying in at the weekend and not venturing out to have dinner with your wife or girlfriend
  • Cutting yourself off from social situations because you want to be lean
  • Going low carb, high protein or low fat
  • Doing lots of exercises per muscle group and tons of isolation exercises
  • Never drinking alcohol
  • Running yourself ragged

And one of the most important points I can make when trying to get in shape is that of dedication vs obsession.

When we’re obsessed by something as in fitness, reaching our goal body fat percentage etc we tend to get uptight and let that mindset consume us.

We stress about our workouts not going right, eating too much for that day, not losing enough weight and thinking too much about trivial matters.

But when we’re dedicated, we simply do what needs to be done for that day and then get on with the rest of the day!

It’s that mentality that will ultimately get you to your goals faster, letting go, being dedicated but never obsessed or consumed by fitness is the best way.

And the best way to become dedicated is to follow something that’s sustainable over the long term. Strength training 3 x per week, getting better and stronger on the compound movements and following a nutrition plan that helps you lean down fast but that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

Never let fitness become the thing you’re always thinking about. Relax and let long term success take care of itself.

If you’re 3 stone over weight for example, accept that it took you a while to get fat and it’s going to take you a while to drop that excess fat.

If you’re losing 1-1.5 lbs per week as I recommend, that’s still only 28 weeks that it will take you to reach your goal.

The key is to focus on today. If you can get today right, you can get tomorrow right too. If you can focus on getting all your “todays” right, then long term success almost takes care of itself.

Another reason why you should take the simple and minimalist approach to fitness is because whatever you do to get you in shape in the first place is what you’ll need to keep doing over the long term to stay in shape.

If you got your lean body by lifting weights 5-6 times per week and doing cardio sessions 5-6 times per week, plus eating chicken and rice every few hours, you’ll need to keep doing this in order to maintain it.

Who wants to be doing that?

And most bodybuilding programs are designed to blow each muscle group out of proportion, they aren’t designed to give you that athletic, lean hard and cool looking physique.

That’s because you aren’t training in a natural way, the way your body was designed to perform.

Eating 4-6 meals often is the worst and most inconvenient way of losing fat for men over 40. Time and time again eating bigger meals less often uses more of the sympathetic nervous system, boosting testosterone and lowering body fat.

It also makes it far simpler and easier to stick to over the long term, making losing fat effortless.

Effective nutrition plans don’t have to complicated.

And effective training plans don’t have to be complicated in order to work.

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