The best exercises for older men are compound movements that train 2-3 muscle groups in one exercise.

By training 2-3 muscle groups at once you’ll release more testosterone and growth hormone, build lean muscle and save time.

Compound movements are also safer and much more joint friendly than high risk isolation exercises that don’t have the same effect on testosterone for men over 40.

In order to get a lean physique a lot of men often turn to excessive amounts of cardio thinking that’s what’s needed to get a lean body. But they’re missing the point that inactivity leads to muscle loss which in turn leads to a slower metabolism and more fat gain.

The great thing about compound movements for men over 40, especially if you stick to lower reps is they’re joint friendly and extremely effective for building lean muscle and giving that pleasing athletic appearance.

Isolation exercise such as curls and triceps extensions don’t have the same effect for building lean muscle and boosting testosterone as compound exercises do.

Examples of compound movements

Exercises such as bench presses and variations, squats, deadlifts, standing presses and deadlifts are all excellent examples of the types of exercises older men need to focus upon.

By focusing on these types of exercises (not necessarily in the same workout), men over 40 are able to build lean muscle, speed up metabolism and build that sought after lean, athletic look.

The power rack

The power rack is of particular importance, especially in these turbulent times when training from home is almost a necessity.

With a power rack though, you can safely perform all the major compound movements and build a physique to be proud of, all whilst staying at home.

A power rack allows you to set “pins” across the rack making bench presses, squats and presses much safer to perform without a spotter.

By getting stronger on a handful of the best exercises, you’ll build a body to be proud of, burn fat and look awesome for your age.

Rid yourself of the notion that you need excessive amounts of exercises to build a fantastic physique.

In fact, with less distraction, you’re more likely to make the best progress of your life. When at the gym it’s easy to get distracted with exercises that don’t really matter, adding unnecessary sets and reps to your workouts.

With these distractions, they can derail your progress. When at home with limited equipment, it actually forces you to focus on the exercises that matter most.

Suddenly your squats and bench presses start getting stronger and you’re able to keep adding weight to them making the best progress of your life.

I’d say although we haven’t got access to gyms right now, this is a fantastic time to make the best progress of your life if you train in a way that’s appropriate to getting stronger on the main compound movements.

Here’s to your success I strength and health.

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    • thomas mcgregor

      Can i have a sketch of excersies for over 40 years as I would like to see how they are done then I can try them for myself iam 66years old thank you

      • rob richley

        Hi Thomas,

        see my course, Ripped Abs Over 40, it covers everything from training to nutrition.



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