Get My Free Guide, 40 Laws Of Lean For Men Over 40

Get My Free Guide, 40 Laws Of Lean For Men Over 40

Exercises for Older Men

It’s harder to lose weight as you get older and in addition to a compromised metabolism, including having an age-related health issue, some older men are less physically able to exercise the way they used to when they were younger, but it’s not completely impossible.

All silver foxes out there can look and feel better even go on to enjoy robust health, develop lean muscle, reduce belly fat, improve posture and joint mobility and get a trim waistline for good measure.

Age-related weight gain can be brought on by the fact that after a certain age, your joints can no longer handle those long bike rides, daily jogs, but there are other options, such as swimming, in particular.

The last thing you want is to develop a condition that results in loss of muscle tissue called sarcopenia where the process contributes to slower metabolism since muscle burns more calories than fat as a result, 40% of muscle mass start disappearing between the age of 40 and 80.

Whether you once were a seasoned veteran who regularly cranked out 5 to 10-milers before breakfast, those joint-jarring runs are probably no longer an option because they will put undue stress and trauma on your joints, so the risk of injury and even arthritis would have to be high.

If you are all about high-impact workouts that add bursts of high-speed, high-energy activity into your routine, a HIIT workout can help jump-start fat and calorie burning while cutting down on the time you need to exercise each week.

If you haven’t done much cardio lately, it’s important to start any HIIT workout slowly, for example, walking is an ideal way to improve your overall health, without causing further damage to your knees and other vulnerable points.

So, start with a 5-minute stroll, followed by 20 seconds of brisk walking, then slow down for 90 seconds, and repeat the pattern at least four times. Finish with a cool-down walk of 2 to 5 minutes.

Consider the following effective workouts:

• You can keep within the high-intensity, low-impact zone, with HIIT workouts like swimming, indoor or outdoor cycling, using an elliptical machine especially if you have joint issues

• Focus on strength and endurance training to challenge your heart and lungs.

Weight lifting and bodyweight exercises such as pushups, squats, lunges, and planks repeatedly flex and relax a targeted muscle or muscle group, therefore, aim for no more than 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps

• Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser, cardiovascular training is a must for endurance, strength, weight loss, and overall fitness.

It can be anything that increases the heart rate for a minimum of 20 to 30like mild jogging or running, cycling, swimming, hiking, even rowing

• If you are committed to your health, fitness, and physical appearance, you should make nutrition part of your fitness process and if you’re 60+ talk to your doctor about taking supplements like collagen, MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, as they promote joint health.

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If you found this article informative and would like to take your knowledge further, make sure you get hold of my free guide, 40 Laws of Lean for Men Over 40.

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