Dumbbell Workout for Men Over 40

Dumbbell Workout for Men Over 40

If you’re looking to lean down, lose belly fat and even get abs you’re going to love this dumbbell workout for men over 40.

Here’s the video of the workout…

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It’s a short workout consisting of 6 exercises to be done back to back, for 30 seconds or 10-15 reps.

Dumbbell Fat Burning Workout

Exercise #1 – Dumbbell Swing
Exercise #2 – Renegade Row
Exercise #3 – Dumbbell Lunge
Exercise #4 – Dumbbell Curl
Exercise #5 – Dumbbell Press-up
Exercise #6 – Dumbbell Thrusters

Once you have completed all the exercises, rest and then repeat for 2 more rounds. This workout is to be done once per week in addition to your 3 strength training workouts.

Why 3 strength training workouts as well?

Three strength training workouts are your compound movements that will rev up your metabolism, build lean muscle and permanently elevate your metabolism.

They aren’t designed like this workout, that ultimately is more aerobic in nature, burns more fat and improves conditioning.

But 3 strength training workouts are essential to getting the body you want as they’ll build just the right amount of muscle in all the right spots, giving you those broad shoulders, narrow waist, toned legs and strong arms.

By incorporating this workout with your 3 strength training workouts you’ll be maximising muscle and burning more fat.

What about nutrition?

When it comes to nutrition you should be eating a balance of protein, carbs and fat to go along with your training plan. Never resort to crazy “diets” that cut out one of the macros such as carbs, protein or fats.

As a man over 40 you need a balance of each of the essential macro’s in your plan.

I like to keep it simple, if you’re after a done for you nutrition plan to go with this workout and a complete step by step course designed to help you lose fat, build muscle and get abs, check out my popular course, Abs Over 40.

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