The Best Cardio to Get Lean for Men Over 40

The best cardio to get lean for men over 40

As men over 40 when it comes to getting lean we’re often told that cardio is needed, but then we read another article telling us to completely avoid it.

So, is cardio effective for getting lean and should men over 40 be doing it?

This article aims to clear up some cardio confusion for men over 40.

Should men over 40 do cardio?

The short answer is yes but it needs to be properly structured and implemented.

Let me explain, when men over 40 think of cardio they’re picturing running on the treadmill or spending hours on the cross trainer – this isn’t the most efficient way to get lean.

The research is clear that too much low impact cardio will leave testosterone levels depleted post exercise, burn away lean muscle and make it harder to make improvements with your strength training.

All those hours spent doing cardio will lower your metabolism making it even harder to shift fat.

Now before you think I’m completely against steady state cardio, it does have its’ place providing you already have a sound strength training program in place and you’re already eating in a calorie deficit.

Once those two are in place, injecting a few steady state cardio sessions between weight training sessions can speed up how many calories your body burns each day helping you lose fat faster.

One of my favourite steady state cardio sessions is getting outside at the weekend and going for a walk.

If you’ve got your strength training and nutrition dialled in correctly, walking can really help you shift extra fat – just going for a walk of 30-40 minutes can really burn a lot of extra calories.

It’s also very enjoyable and doesn’t interfere with your recovery from weight training.

The danger for men over 40 is relying on “cardio” alone for fat loss, it doesn’t work because you need to hold onto or better still build lean muscle when you’re losing fat.

Those that try and lose fat without doing any form of strength training will look soft and smooth rather than lean and defined.

Strength training has the potential to really alter your body composition, were as cardio alone doesn’t.

But there’s another form of cardio on the block, one that burns more fat, is joint friendly, boosts testosterone AND compliments your strength training workouts.

Enter “cardio-strength circuits” for men over 40

Cardio-strength circuits are compound movements performed back to back with lighter weights until each circuit is completed.

Then you’d rest a few minutes and perform the circuit again, this creates an effective fat loss workout that can be completed in half the time as traditional cardio.

These cardio strength circuits are what I use in my Abs Over 40 program, they’re the most efficient use of your time and really burn fat fast.

Every one of my clients that’s used them has commented on how they love doing them and can really see the benefits.

This style of training has you burning fat with only ONE additional session per week.

By incorporating this cardio-strength session each week you’ll boost testosterone, burn more fat and rev up your metabolism permanently and you don’t need more than one circuit per week to really see the benefits.

Cardio Summary

Just to recap and clear up some cardio confusion here are some cardio rules to abide by when it comes to losing fat for men over 40:

  • Steady state cardio is a great addition to your fitness regime provided you’ve got your nutrition and strength training dialled in FIRST
  • If you choose to do steady state cardio there’s no need to do more than 2 x sessions of 30-40 minutes between weight training sessions each week. Choose a full body machine such as the cross trainer
  • Cardio alone is the WORST way to lose fat for men over 40
  • Cardio-strength circuits are the most effective and time saving way of burning fat and boosting testosterone for men over 40
  • Cardio-strength sessions don’t need to be long to be effective – one session of 30 minutes in addition to your strength training workouts has the potential to burn a lot of extra fat

Start your fat loss journey today

Getting lean is a package of factors, strength training, nutrition, cardio and rest performed consistently.

Short change any one of those factors and you’ll short circuit your results!

If you’d like to start your fat loss journey with me and join the many men who are having remarkable results with my program, losing fat and getting lean, look at my Abs Over 40 Program.

Abs Over 40 is a complete system that details all the different elements including the most effective cardio strategy for burning fat for men over 40.

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