At Home Fat Burning Workout for Men

At Home Fat Burning Workout for Men Over 40

If you’re just getting started with Lean Over 40 For Men and looking for a workout you could do without any equipment, at home or at the gym, then you’ve come to the right place.

By simply using your body weight you can still get an effective workout and it’s also what I recommend if you’re new to training, want to improve your conditioning and aren’t ready for the demands of lifting weights yet.

This workout will help strengthen the knees, is safe for men over 40 and will provide a solid resistance training program without lifting weights.

There are two circuits and each exercise will be performed back to back with no rest until the circuit has been completed.

Once the circuit has been completed, you’ll rest for 3 minutes and then move onto the next circuit. Although no weights are involved, this training will still get your heart rate up.

I recommend completing each circuit for a total of 3 rounds, 2 if you’re a raw beginner.

Here’s the workout:

General Warmup

Bodyweight squats, holding in the middle of the exercise – 20 seconds

Circuit #1

  1. Alternating high knees, touching palms with knees – 30 seconds
  2. No jump, side to side jacks – 30 seconds
  3. Squat punch up (alternating hands) – bring hands together – 30 seconds

Circuit #2

  1. Alternating lunges – 30 seconds
  2. Press-ups – 20 seconds
  3. Reverse Crunch – 20 seconds


Alternating forward lunge holds

Give this work-out a try!

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