Abs After 40 Supplements

Are you a man over 40 wanting to get abs? Here are the supplements you need….


What? Are you serious?

Even over 40 you do not need to take any supplements.

Let me explain why, how.

The problem with supplements is as soon as any man over 40 starts a new diet, training program they naturally assume they will need supplements to make progress.

But whenever they start thinking about the things, they direct your attention from where it needs to be, proper training, nutrition, and recovery.

Supplements cannot make a bad training program work and will only make a 2% difference (at best). It is the proper combination of training, nutrition, rest, and perseverance that will pay off NOT taking supplements to get abs over 40.

Yes, you do not need extra protein to get lean. Yes, you do not need fat burners, creatine or god knows what else supplements to get lean.

I think the main thing that men over 40 assume as they are getting older, “metabolism” is slowing down so naturally they will need to take supplements.

But chugging down too many protein shakes is usually needed because of poor program design or because that is what everyone else is doing.

Before you take supplements, remember TONS of muscle has been built and POUNDS of fat have been lost without them.

If I thought supplements would help you reach your goals then I would advocate them, but as it happens, they are more likely to separate you from your hard earned than anything else.

The bottom line is getting abs after 40 is a combination of proper strength training and nutrition to lower body fat percentage to under 10%.

Let me address proper training and nutrition…

Strength training

Strength training is one of the MOST important things you can do to get abs over 40. Let me explain. Without strength training you will find it difficult to get lean and see your abs.

As men over 40, our testosterone is slowly diminishing AND if you are not doing any resistance training the chances are you are starting to lose lean muscle.

Muscle on our bodies (and I am not talking about huge bulky muscles) is responsible for how many calories our bodies burn per day. It is active tissue and keeps our metabolism running.

The more muscle we can build and preserve the MORE calories we can burn EVEN at rest.

Even if your goal is not to build muscle, my goal is to teach you to build just enough lean muscle on your body that makes you look awesome, not some big bulky bodybuilder weighing over 200 pounds.

Anyway, getting back to my point…

If you are not strength training start pronto! Build and protect your lean muscle and in turn protect your fat burning metabolism.

And the best way of doing that is to use joint friendly compound movements…

Compound movements train 2-3 muscle groups at the same time, build lean muscle, build strength, boost testosterone, and save time.

Exercises such as bench press variations, squats, trap bar deadlifts, pull-downs, are all excellent choices for men over 40.

They are joint friendly AND productive.

Now the problem that I see when designing workout programs for abs over 40 is too much cardio or too many weight training days.

Too much cardio kills testosterone and too many weight training sessions will run you into the ground. If you are a man over 40 you do not need any more than 3 strength training days per week. Mon-Wed-Fri is good, Tue-Thurs-Sat is another good option.

And you do not need lots and lots of compound exercises in any training session, one or two exercises per body part and approx. 6 sets total is a good rule of thumb.

Do I need to lift heavy?

You need to keep the weight “challenging” – that means on the final two reps of each exercise it should feel hard, but not so you are heaving or breaking exercise form in an exercise.

Exercise form, i.e. lifting the weight smoothly and paying attention to perfect form is critical to get the most benefits from each exercise.

A lot of men over 40 shies away from challenging weights as they get older and resort to lifting light weight for high reps.

This is a mistake as lifting light weights does not do much for body composition. In fact, you are more likely to get injured lifting light weights and doing lots of sets and reps than lifting heavier weights and doing multiple sets of low reps.

This is because doing set after set of light weights aggravates the joints more and does nothing for strengthening the ligaments and bones.

That is why I recommend doing multiple sets of lower reps for men over 40, they are far safer and far more productive.


3 strength training days per week is best as you will stimulate gains in lean muscle without battering the central nervous system.

It is the CNS that takes longer to recover than the muscular system, but the bottom line is you are not going to speed up getting abs by doing more weight training sessions which leads me onto the next point…


Nutrition is the next part of the equation and vitally important. But the mistake I see all the time is men over 40 going CRAZY, cutting out carbohydrates, going too low on calories starving themselves, going too low on fat, resorting to protein only diets etc.

If that is you, stop right now! You do not need to resort to boring bland diets to get abs.

Most men over 40 who do this just end up gaining all the fat back because it is NOT sustainable over the long term.

Before you even start a new nutrition plan, ask yourself is this sustainable? If the answer is no, then do not even start!

Nutrition for abs is all about getting adequate protein (from whole food sources), enough healthy carbs (for energy) and enough healthy fats for testosterone production.

You do need to be in an energy deficit for your weight and height to lose fat but not so much that it makes you very hungry.

If you can eat at maintenance calories without gaining or losing any weight that is a good starting point as you have already proved you know the calorie number that maintains your weight.

Fat loss is a relatively slow process, quick fix diets are responsible for causing a lot of men over 40 to give up!

Aim to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week. If you do everything correctly you can lose fat whilst staying full and not having to cut out one of the important macronutrients.

If you go on crazy strict diets, doing endless weight training and cardio sessions, how are you going to maintain this over the long-term?

The slow and steady way wins the race when it comes to permanent fat loss. It is also the most enjoyable and does not mess up your metabolism or testosterone production.

Types of foods

I mentioned you do not need any supplements to burn fat and get abs but are there any foods you can eat to help lose more fat?

The answer is yes.

Most of your foods should be lean proteins such as lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds etc, that support testosterone production and build lean muscle.

Complex carbs such as whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, oats, vegetables, and essential fatty acids such as avocados, olive oil and coconut oils.

Meals should be tasty and filling not boring or make you ravenous. That said you do need to understand how much to eat and the correct combinations of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to make progress.

Black coffee can help to blunt hunger and speed up fat burning. I recommend consuming black coffee before a workout to help concentration.

Protein should come in at 0.8 grams per pound of lean body weight per day. I think it is ridiculous the amount of protein that is recommended for men trying to get lean.

But thanks to the supplement industry these claims are everywhere to get you to buy their products. And to make you believe you cannot get enough protein from nutrition alone.

P.S. IF you are in a hurry and want the exact training & nutrition program to start losing fat today, check out my Ripped Abs Over 40 Course!

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