21-Day Belly Fat Challenge

If you are a man over 40 there has never been a more important time to take charge of your health, lose fat, build lean muscle, and gain confidence.

With 2020 being a crazy year with everything going on in the world right now, one thing we have learnt is that being overweight is a risk factor for not only coronavirus, but multiple diseases such as diabetes and even cancer.

Getting in shape is no longer something that should be taking a back seat, it is your job as a man over 40 to take charge of your body TODAY. The first step is always the hardest but once the ball is rolling, I promise it will become easier.

Strength training

When it comes to getting lean, I talk about compound exercises for men over 40 a lot. But what if you are unable to get to the gym due to a local lockdown or something else preventing you in modern society?

Enter bodyweight compound movements

Bodyweight compound movements are the best joint friendly exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own living room without aggravating your joints or needing any fitness equipment.

The key is to work more than one muscle group in one exercise, burning more calories, increasing lean muscle, and boosting testosterone levels.

Even if you are new to fitness or just starting out, you can go at your own pace. Each exercise is video demonstrated so you can follow along from home.

Enter Intermittent fasting

I follow a moderate carbohydrate, higher protein moderate fat diet to stay lean year-round including intermittent fasting.

This allows me to stay lean, enjoy my food and stick to my diet each day.

But I do not want to be eating all day as it makes me feel lethargic and is not practical. I stumbled upon the benefits of intermittent fasting when I started noticing a difference in recovery from eating fewer but bigger meals.

It was once thought that you need to eat lots of smaller meals 4-6 per day to lose fat and get lean but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is the TOTAL amount of calories and the quality of the food that you eat over the course of the day that matters, not the frequency of meals.

Intermittent fasting is what our ancestors used to do when they would hunt for food in the morning (without eating) and then relax with a big meal at night. They knew that eating aiding relaxation and it is the last thing you want during the day when you are trying to focus on your work.

But the benefits of intermittent fasting go much further than that, especially for men over 40. When you introduce fewer and bigger meals after a period of fasting – testosterone and growth hormone go through the roof!

This increase in testosterone helps regulate fat burning and lean muscle building. In fact, as men over 40, we need to take advantage of everything that is proven beneficial for boosting testosterone and helping us to burn more fat.

Not only that, but during the “fasting window” you are creating a huge buffer of calories that can be saved for later during the day.

This makes it extremely hard to exceed your daily calorie allowance and much harder to store fat. Not to mention you will feel full and satisfied from the meals you eat and do not need to spend hours in the kitchen every day preparing lots of meals.

In my course, you will be eating a smaller meal and then a big meal, coupled with some strategic snacking to offset hunger.

The protein content in each meal will keep you feeling full and you will not get bored of each meal.

This makes everyday easy to do and there is nothing like losing belly fat without having to count calories or prepare lots of meals that overcomplicate nutrition.

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